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WFH burnout – the communications connection

A recent survey in the UK reported that 60% of workers reported their overall mental health had diminished and 30% have been working longer hours WFH (work-from-home).

To ensure the health and wellbeing of the company and its employees, organizations are assessing how their people work and are providing guidance for work/life balance. Effective communication is a key component. Since attention spans have become even shorter during the pandemic, companies need to evaluate their content, frequency, duration, visual elements, and interactive components for impact, effectiveness and where appropriate, response. These are just some of the elements that comprise ShortBurst, the content format we developed based upon our decade of experience helping companies communicate more effectively. Even when we move past the pandemic, the WFH environment is now a permanent part of corporate culture, and companies need to evaluate their communications accordingly.

As an addendum, here is an article posted by Toptal that addresses WFH burnout from a different perspective.