Internal Communications

Internal communications toolkits are an integral part of an effective employee communications program. But….

Which toolkit is the best fit for your organization?

Unique in the industry, we work with multiple toolkit providers because organizations have different needs and toolkits have different strengths. This allows us to connect clients with the toolkit that best meets their needs as well as benefit from our internal communications experience. Selecting the wrong toolkit will not only cost you time, money and resources, but you may actually decrease employee engagement if you choose the wrong toolkit.  

To find the best internal communications toolkit, you need a partner who knows employee communications, has deep experience with toolkits, and can give you unbiased advice.

That’s us.

Trident was a pioneer in the use of toolkits for employee communications fifteen years ago. As an  internal communications agency, we saw the value that toolkits bring when communicating with employees. To ensure successful introduction and adoption of a toolkit, our program offering includes:

  • clarify communications objectives
  • review technical and security requirements   
  • identify toolkit and tools (channels) best suited to meet objectives 
  • negotiate with vendor
  • develop strategy and plan
  • schedule trial and train administrators 
  • prepare Launch materials and guidelines to ensure successful launch and adoption 
  • rollout support 
  • provide content and program administration 

Among The Tools Available

  • alerts
  • intranet
  • video
  • SMS
  • SPI
  • translation
  • surveys/polls/quiz
  • share files/documents
  • tickers
  • smart forms
  • screensavers
  • analytics
  • newsletters
  • video conferencing
  • open shift coverage
  • automation
  • home screen
  • social media