Internal Communications

Internal Communications: Tools to connect the hybrid workforce

Communicating with both onsite and remote employees is tough. Employee communications teams need internal communications tools that cut through media clutter and reach employees wherever they are, on any device.

Our roots are as a full-service internal communications agency. We understand your challenges and have deep experience helping organizations communicate effectively.

We offer three different internal communications toolkits so you can choose the best employee communications tools for your organization. We then help you launch the software so it is adopted successfully and you can begin communicating with employees on day one.

The benefits of Trident’s internal communications toolkits include:

  • direct-to-screen delivery, ensuring messages are viewed
  • reach any device (computer, mobile, large displays, IP phones, etc.)
  • bypass email and external media clutter
  • intuitive to use
  • include multiple tools and targeting options
  • analytics and integration with apps

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