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The value of pulse surveys

Taking the pulse of employees has taken on additional importance over the past two years as companies focus on maintaining their culture and keeping employees engaged. It’s not been an easy journey. In our hybrid environment, understanding employee sentiment is vital. Burnout, isolation, fear of covid and even returning to the office is stressing out employees, and, there’s no need to discuss “The Great Resignation.” Communicators have an opportunity to engage employees and help them stabilize in our morphing work environment. Pulse surveys in particular can play an important role. Specifically, single question surveys. Net Presenter has championed a one-question survey that focuses on sentiment and it has become a staple for marketers. The value of a single question sentiment survey can be used by internal communicators as well.

First, you’re likely to receive more responses to a single question, and responses will be quicker. The responses to one-question survey may also be more thoughtful. Of course, how you craft the question is vital and we recommend a brief discussion with colleagues to ensure that your question will provide the best results. You can also survey more often (preferably no more than one per week) and include space for feedback or a link so that an employee can provide a more detailed response. There are multiple survey tools available and toolkits that include surveys as one of the communications channels. Toolkits can be a valuable part of an effective internal communications program because they offer multiple channels housed in one software and their ability to reach employees anywhere, on any device and measure the results.