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The power of design

Design Matters. If you want proof, I can provide it one word, “Apple.” Steve Jobs understood the power and impact that design has on the decisions people make. The irony is that the decision to minimize design when communicating with colleagues is often made by the same people who pay a premium for good design in their personal lives, whether its for a computer, clothes, mobile device, eyeglasses or car. Employees are consumers who have been trained by advertisers and the media to expect engaging design. Advertisers who create dull ads do so at their own peril. It’s no different for employee communications. We often are asked by companies, “why aren’t employees reading our communications?” while there are a number of factors, design is the first thing we look at. McKinsey did a study in 2018 entitled, The Business Value of Design, of 300 publicly listed companies to examine the relationship between good design and corporate performance. Companies with good design outperformed their counterparts in both revenue by 4% and total Shareholder return by 5%. If you want employees to engage with your communications, start with the first thing they see – good design.