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The Future of Hybrid Work– Gallop Survey

Gallop recently surveyed 140k employees for the “The Future of Hybrid Work” report that offered insights into current employee preferences. It’s worth reviewing. While it’s not surprising that 59% of employees preferred a hybrid environment, respondents who work onsite full time reported significantly lower engagement and wellbeing. They also reported higher levels of burnout and intent to leave.

One of the three key elements the study reinforces is the need for connectivity. Toolkits support greater connectivity by offering multiple channels, interactivity, metrics and are simple to use and deploy. A variety of tools can signify priority, keep communications interesting and prevents burnout of the specific channel.  There is also more competition for employee attention from external media when working remotely so having a tool that bypasses email and can deliver content directly to the screens of targeted users is important.

There are a variety of toolkits available, each with specific attributes. Some are focused on reaching front line workers, and some on desk-based employees. Based upon our 16 years of experience working with toolkits, we’ve selected and represent several that we believe offer best-of-breed tools for both categories. Let us know if you’d like to explore your connectivity options. 

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