Emergency Alert System


Organizations of every size rely on emergency alert systems to keep their people safe. The StaffAlerter toolkit is a complete emergency communication system used by schools, corporations, municipalities, and more because it offers multiple tools, sensors, and technologies that immediately notify authorities, administrators, employees, and students of an emergency.  It’s a fast, flexible, simple to deploy and use system for employee communications as well as emergency notification. 

StaffAlerter is a highly customizable emergency notification system used by organizations in every sector. You can select from a wide variety of tools that include security, fire, flood, outage, etc. and communicate with every device. Among its capabilities are:

  • Physical and virtual panic buttons
  • Hand held panic buttons (fobs)
  • Central Station Dispatch services available to contact police, fire, etc. with live messages
  • Call phones, text mobile phones, send email, send push notifications to the StaffAlerter application 
  • Real time status on dashboard and via alerts
  • Location reporting by device
  • Activate lockdown from mobile/desk phone or PC
  • IT system outage alerts
  • Kiosk and blue light systems for parking areas integration
  • Activate loudspeakers and IP phones with recorded or live messages
  • Door lock /door open/smoke/vape notification
  • Area detection (intrusion)
  • Vehicle panic button, temperature alert and location tracking call off  (tip line, auto message forward and storage)
  • FEMA, NOAA, etc. emergency notification


See how StaffAlerter keeps your organization and people safe