Effective communication begins with the right strategy, engaging content and tools

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Communicating effectively in the hybrid environment

Employee communication has never been more challenging. Organizations need tools that offer multiple formats that attract readership and reach employees wherever they are, on any device, and provide metrics that confirm that messages are being viewed.

Our Services


We’re an internal communications agency that now focuses our broad experience in two key areas  – internal communications toolkits and emergency notification systems. We were an early adopter of the technology because we saw the benefits of one platform hosting a variety of tools. Toolkits can replace old intranets, redundant and incompatible systems and significantly reduce costs. Which toolkit is the best fit for your organization? Talk to us! We represent multiple toolkits, which is unique in the industry and allows us to provide the toolkit that best fits our client’s needs and technical requirements.

Emergency Notification

Emergency notification systems offer a wide variety of tools (autodial, physical and virtual panic buttons, geolocation, ring phones, sensors, fire, gunshot, temperature, door open, etc.) that can meet the needs of hospitals, companies, schools, secure governmental agencies and organizations of every size.

Strategy and Content

Effective communication begins with the right strategy, which can be challenging. We can work with your team to evaluate your options and recommend the strategy that best supports your objectives. Too much on your plate? Our writers can create the content and tell the stories that help engage employees.

Our Difference

We don’t represent one toolkit or one emergency notification system. We represent multiple vendors because organizations have different needs and requirements. This is unique in the industry and allows us to connect each client with the toolkit or notification system that best meets their operational and technical requirements. We’ve worked with companies in every sector, including: hospitals, finance, government, computers, education, pharmaceutical, healthcare, insurance, hospitality and retail.

Thoughts On Internal Communications

The Power Of Podcast

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Design Matters. If you want proof, I can provide it one word, “Apple.” Steve Jobs understood the power and impact that design has on the decisions people make. The irony is that the decision to minimize design when communicating with colleagues is often made by the same people who pay a premium for good design in their personal lives, whether its for a computer, clothes, mobile device, eyeglasses or car. Employees are consumers who have been trained by advertisers and the media to expect engaging design. Advertisers who create dull ads do so at their own peril. It’s no different for employee communications. We often are asked by companies, “why aren’t employees reading our communications?” while there are a number of factors, design is the first thing we look at. McKinsey did a study in 2018 entitled, The Business Value of Design, of 300 publicly listed companies to examine the relationship between good design and corporate performance. Companies with good design outperformed their counterparts in both revenue by 4% and total Shareholder return by 5%. If you want employees to engage with your communications, start with the first thing they see – good design.

The power of design

Design Matters. If you want proof, I can provide it one word, “Apple.” Steve Jobs understood the power and impact that design has on the

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