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Internal Communications Teams Need The Right Tools

Internal communications teams need tools that reach employees anywhere, on any device. Which toolkit is the best fit for your organization? Trident’s Rob Drasin has answers. As the head of a full-service agency for the past 15 years, he understands the different challenges communicators face, and it’s why he represents multiple toolkits. This is unique in the industry and allows Trident to provide best-in-class solutions for each client’s specific needs.    

Internal Communication

Emergency Notification

Strategy & Content/ShortBurst

Our Services

Internal Communications Toolkits

 We represent several best-of breed toolkits, Beekeeper, Agility Recovery and OurPeople. This is unique in the industry and allows us to match each client with the toolkit that meets their communications goals and IT requirements. Toolkits can often supplement or replace old intranets, redundant and incompatible tools and significantly reduce costs and IT challenges. Which toolkit is the best fit for your organization? Talk to us!   

Emergency Notification

The StaffAlerter emergency notification system offers a wide variety of tools (autodial, physical/virtual panic buttons, geolocation and blue light systems. It also offers a variety of sensors, such as: fire, gunshot, temperature, door open, etc.) that meet the needs of hospitals, companies, schools, secure governmental agencies and organizations of every size.  

Strategy and Content

Effective communication begins with the right strategy. We can work with your team to evaluate your options and recommend the strategy that best supports your objectives. Too much on your plate? Our writers can create the content and tell the stories that help engage employees

Our Difference

Our roots are as a full service internal communications agency, so we understand your objectives and challenges. This is why we offer multiple communications systems and remain true to our roots, providing content and advisory services. This is unique in the industry and allows us to connect each client with the toolkit or emergency notification system that best meets their operational and technical requirements as well as provide content services. We’ve worked with companies in every sector, including: hospitals, finance, government, computers, education, pharmaceutical, healthcare, insurance, hospitality and retail.

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