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Organizational Culture and Communications

A recent research report by Quantum Workplace identified three primary aspects of work where employees experience culture most strongly. They are: mission and values, recognition and celebrations and approach to employee performance. The study pointed out that all three are dependent upon effective communication and feedback. The report also identified five key criteria for driving culture:  

  • Having clear and effective team communication
  • Creating clear and aligned team goals and responsibilities
  • Working with highly innovative or creative team members
  • Feeling psychologically safe to express opinions
  • Building a culture of effective team feedback

In a hybrid environment, how do you deliver information to employees that will gain and hold their attention? It requires a high impact communications platform, multiple tools and formats that are in sync with how employees prefer to consume information. Trident has focused on providing toolkits that  increase internal communications impact, effectiveness and interactivity.  We have reviewed and partnered with two platforms that offer flexibility, variety of communications channels, direct to screen delivery, ease of use, metrics and cloud hosting. OurPeople is an excellent platform for reaching front line workers on mobile devices, and Beekeeper for reaching desktop devices in addition to mobile devices. Both offer many features that can add impact to your internal communications program.

Further, since attention spans are notoriously short (8-12 seconds) content has to be concise and if possible, visual.  In response to this need, Trident developed ShortBurst, a format that leverages those criteria to deliver content that employees choose to engage with and increases readership by as much as 30%. When ShortBurst is paired with an effective delivery platform, communicators have a complete platform to communicate effectively with employees and receive feedback. If you would like to discuss adding impact to your internal communications program, let’s schedule a call or demo at your convenience.