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Microsoft Worktrends Survey – WFH changes Internal Comms

In a new Microsoft WorkTrends study of 30,000 workers in 31 countries, 40% said they would consider a job change if remote work is not an option. 

46% said that now that can work remotely, they will seek a new job. 84% said they have migrated to collaboration platforms. The study with worth reviewing but what struck us is its impact on internal communications. IC teams need to adapt their communications, think about frequency, brevity, duration, graphics and most important, the need to be competitive with everything else (i.e. consumer media) that will divert an employee’s attention. As we’ve often pointed out, employees are consumers and have been well trained by consumer media to be distracted to their messages. How will your communications compete? Let’s talk about it when you have a moment. Here’s a link to the article  Speak soon!