Integrated Solutions

01. Internal Communications

  • Dedicated project manager
  • Vetted talent pool of writers, designers, consultants, digital communications experts are matched to each assignment
  • Team members trained in ShortBurst™
  • Print, online, digital, custom publishing, collateral

02. Shortburst

The solution to low readership

ShortBurst™ offers an innovative approach to internal communications that delivers content that is in sync with current media environments. As a result, message reach, impact and efficiency is increased.

ShortBurst™ is based on multiple elements, including:

  • Research on human behavior
  • How media is rewiring our brains
  • Media consumption preferences and patterns
  • Visual elements
  • Information architecture
  • Attention span

03. SnapComms


Leading edge internal communications toolkit that delivers information directly to the computer screen, mobile device, kiosk or large display of targeted users.

  • Offers 6 discrete communications channels (Alert, Ticker, Screensaver, Survey, Newsletter, Wallpaper)
  • Bypasses email for immediate impact
  • Includes Emergency Alerts, Panic Button
  • Detailed metrics are compiled in real time
  • Multiple administrators with full or limited rights
  • Cloud or locally host
  • 24/7 support
  • Worldwide customer base
  • Used by the military, hospitals, corporations, municipalities, utilities, police departments to increase internal communications impact and efficiency

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