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Increased security risk of collaboration platforms

Cisco Talos has just released a new report on the increased used of collaboration platforms to access corporate networks. According to the report, “Collaboration platforms enable adversaries to conduct campaigns using legitimate infrastructure that may not be blocked in many network environments. RATs, information stealers, internet of things malware and other threats are also leveraging collaboration platforms for delivery, component retrieval and command and control communications.” Oliver Tavakoli, CTO at Vectra, commented’ “Tools which organizations use to conduct normal business have always been targets for attackers as any nefarious activity within such communication channels tends to intermingle with normal traffic patterns. The collaboration tools which, during the pandemic, have become more central to how businesses operate are poorly understood by info security teams in terms of the attack surface they present. These tools are also relatively immature in terms of accompanying security protections provided by third parties.”

This is part of the reason why Trident has partnered with Desktop Alert, which is the only internal communications toolkit that has received DISA certification from the DoD and is also used by NATO worldwide. In addition to it’s superior security, it offers multiple channels that provide communications teams with a full range of tools that deliver content directly to any screen of targeted users. It also has significant emergency notification tools. Now more than ever, communicators are relying on third party apps to communicate with remote employees. They need to be effective and secure.