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Fine tuning communications to WFH employees

Two different elements that communicators need to evaluate as organizations migrate to a home-based workforce are length and frequency. 

You may have seen surveys that reveal that the average attention span is between 8-12 seconds, and that readership drops to 49% after 111 words. The message is clear: brevity is more effective. We use Shortburst ™ as an effective approach to provide team members with the information they need because the format is in sync with their communications preferences. While there will always be a need for long-form communication, prioritize information and offer links to more detail. This brings us to the second element: frequency. We all are guilty of looking at longer communications and saying, “I’ll read it later,” and as we know, later doesn’t usually happen. Our experience is that shorter messages sent with higher frequency are more effective in cutting through clutter and ensuring readership and retention. Once employees embrace the new cadence of shorter communication with higher frequency, it can be very effective in reaching home-based employees with priority communications.