Trident helps organizations identify, evaluate, purchase and successfully introduce internal communications toolkits to their front line and onsite employees. 

Selecting the right toolkit is vital. A misstep can be costly and undermine the impact and effectiveness of the program. With 15 years of internal communications toolkit experience, we ask the operational and technical questions that clients often haven’t considered. The answers have a direct impact on our recommendation and of the success of the program.  We also bring our experience as a full-service agency to help prepare a launch program to ensure the successful adoption by employees.  

It ensures that our clients acquire the best toolkit to meet their operational objectives and technical requirements. Our position offering multiple toolkits is unique in the industry.  

No. Typically, companies of 20+ employees can utilize a toolkit.

Today, most toolkits are cloud hosted so technical requirements are minimal. Typically, desktops will require a small program (client) that can be installed system-wide using a remote installation tool or one a one-off basis for smaller organizations. Mobile apps can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or iStore.

You can be operational as soon as you install the client on your desktop computer and/or app on mobile devices. What takes a little time is learning the operating system but most are pretty intuitive. 

The security level varies among the different toolkits. Your IT team will want to evaluate any choice to ensure data security.  

Most toolkits are HIPAA compliant.

We are paid by the toolkit provider. There is no cost to the client for toolkit acquisition.

Yes. Trident offers editorial, design, and communications program assessment and design services.