Emergency Notification

There are a variety of toolkits that offer emergency notification. From simple alerts through highly sophisticated systems with extensive options, listed below.  We can help you determine the emergency notification system that fits your technical and operational requirements. Our services include:

  • Identify communications objectives
  • review technical and security requirements   
  • Identify toolkit and tools (channels) best suited to meet objectives 
  • negotiate with vendor 
  • work with IT team on integration 
  • prepare Launch materials and guidelines to ensure successful launch

Emergency Notification Tools:

  • alerts (visual/audible)
  • virtual panic buttons
  • strobes
  • smoke/Vape detection
  • fire detection
  • dial-in Message retrieval
  • are you ok?
  • (computer/mobile/signage)
  • programmable key fobs
  • IP phone integration
  • door open/lock notification
  • PA system
  • employee status
  • threat extinguisher
  • physical panic buttons
  • auto dialer
  • geolocation
  • audio alarms
  • global message broadcast
  • temperature alert