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Covid 19’s impact on internal communications

Covid19 is expanding the role and importance of internal communications and, it is challenging communicators to examine multiple aspects of their systems and messages.

Several years ago, Trident went through a similar evaluation and we developed an approach, ShortBurst™ that looked at seven key criteria that impact the success of internal communications. ShortBurst™ recognizes the impact that consumer media has on employee preferences. Employees are also consumers who are targeted relentlessly by ads, infomercials, banners, video, etc. on every device, every day. They are visual, brief, informative and have a call to action, and, they have changed employee’s visual preferences, expectations and even their attention span. These changes are fundamental and with 50% of employees saying that they would prefer to work from home permanently, internal communicators need to evaluate whether their current communications tools and messages are effective in competing for employee attention. Further, companies are looking at the real estate cost savings and studies that indicate they will get more productivity from home-based employees. As a result, many are rethinking their business models. It is a challenge for internal communicators, but if evaluated properly, a great opportunity to increase impact, efficiency and create a new cultural environment.