Mobile communications is fast becoming the preferred way to reach employees. Beekeeper provides a mobile-first suite of tools to reach onsite and remote employees on their mobile devices as well as through desktops and digital signage. Beekeeper facilitates effective and high-impact employee communications through a platform that is cloud hosted, secure, ISO certified, interactive and easy to deploy and use.  

Beekeeper offers:

  • alerts
  • banners
  • digital signage
  • survey/poll/quiz
  • forms and benefits
  • task management
  • text and voice 
  • shift schedules management
  • chat and chatbots
  • PDF – what?
  • analytics – what kind?
  • SSO 
  • Translation in 100 languages
  • Zapier supported 
  • control access levels – 
  • API, web hooks, links

Boost Productivity

Access mission critical information - contacts, information and tools. Keep employees informed, engaged and focused on one source for key information

Integrations and Automation

Connect Beekeeper to the systems you already use. Simplify login with SSO and automate tedious tasks through user, shift and document sync integration and chatbots

Communication & Analytics

Connect with all employees on-the-go and at their desks with text, video, PDF's. Translation and detailed metrics.

Video & Streaming

Share training and safety videos. Stream content. Follow up with polls and quizzes.

Surveys Polls & Quizzes

Take the pulse of your team. Simplify open enrollment and confirm compliance using surveys, polls and quizzes

Connect All Systems

Use the Beekeeper API to connect with third party systems


Engage your mobile workforce