Agility Recovery Systems

Business continuity is vital for any business but according to a 2020 survey, 51% of businesses around the world don’t have business continuity plans. 37% of SMBs have lost data in the cloud. Among small businesses, 75% have no disaster recovery plan. 

Agility offer complete end-to-end business continuity services, starting with one central platform to manage your business continuity strategy. Services includes planning, data backup, training, testing, emergency alerts and physical recovery.

Agility packages are designed to help companies of any size prepare, execute and bounce back from an interruption. They  include:


Notification (basic): Alerts, continuity training, tabletop testing templates, document storage, mobile command center, equipment shipping

Planning (enhanced): Agility Planner, Annual plan review, alerts, business continuity training center, tabletop testing templates, document storage, mobile command center, equipment shipping

Resiliency (premier): Expert consulting, tabletop testing, Agility Planner, Alerts, Continuity plan review, business continuity training center, document storage, tabletop testing templates, equipment shipping, mobile command center

Software Solutions

Workspace Recovery

  • One Central Platform – Manage your Business Continuity Strategy – plan, train test, alert, recover, compliance, and reporting
  • Business Continuity Planning – business continuity planning and preparation software
  • Business Continuity Testing – prepare your team to reach quickly, and in sequence
  • Emergency Notification – (bi-directional) on any device
  • Contact Tracing System – Rapid contact tracing based on workplace attendance, vaccination status, and test results, etc..   
  • Incident Management – track incident data
  • Testing Management –  collect test results from unvaccinated employees based on schedules, and helps workplaces  
  • Data Backup and Recovery
  • Work From Anywhere
  • Office Space
  • Power
  • Technology Equipment
  • Satellite & LTE Communications
  • Bank & Credit Union Branch Recovery