About Us

Why Partner with Trident?

Our thorough approach and rigorous process helps our clients communicate critical and relevant information to their employees in a timely manner.


  • Bring 15 years of experience in vetting and selecting internal communications platforms and tools to reach employees quickly and efficiently
  • Work with several providers that offer best-in-class tools and support
  • Have developed best practice policies and procedures to guide our clients from needs evaluation through selection and implementation
  • Offer a six-criteria framework for a successful internal communications program
  • Provide traditional internal communications services, such as strategy and message development, for additional support

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Team Leadership

Rob Drasin has been at the helm of Trident since 2006. Rob’s an award-winning industry veteran with deep employee and corporate communications experience who has taken a leadership position in introducing internal communications software platforms (toolkits) to communicators in every sector.

This digital-led approach to internal communications is unique in the industry. Trident now represents multiple software platforms, which reflects the need to provide communicators with choice when it comes to the best platform to maximize the impact and efficiency of their internal communications programs.

Rob has also been active in the community, serving two terms as President of the New York IABC (International Association of Business Communicators) and six years on the Board. He has been quoted in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and the Harvard Business Review and has conducted internal communications workshops at conferences across the US.

Trident Team 

Today, there is a lot of competition for employee attention from a wide variety of internal and external sources. Creating communication that employees choose to engage with is part content driven, but it’s also about good storytelling. The Trident team is comprised of experienced internal communications professionals from different disciplines who understand how craft communication that meet business objectives and that employees will choose to engage with.