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6 tips for combating email fatigue

Email fatigue has accelerated over the past year as employers and communications teams have struggled to keep employees informed and engaged. Here are 6 tips to combat email fatigue and ensure that your communications successfully compete for employee attention. 

1. Keep it short. There is a lot of competition for an employee’s (short) attention span from both internal and external sources. For longer emails, create links and host the body copy elsewhere.  

2. The subject line is vital. Take the time to create a subject line that grabs an employee’s attention. Send boring emails at your peril.

3. Don’t overcommunicate. Only 50% of emails are opened after five prior emails from the same person are received in the same week.

4. Reorganize your content. Put the most important information in the first three sentences. This way, even if the recipient won’t read to the end of the email the key information is viewed.

5. Metrics. Track and use your metrics to determine what information employees are choosing to engage with and adjust accordingly.   

6. Ask for feedback with one or two question pulse surveys. Pulse surveys have a higher response rate and you can get valuable feedback.

FYI – While email is not going to go away, you may want to supplement with other tools for higher priority messages. Desktop Alert offers a highly secure internal communications toolkit for administrative and emergency communications. It includes direct-to-screen imaging, delivery to all devices and multiple tools, allowing communicators to prioritize communications by channel (alert, tickers, surveys, screensavers, lockscreen,video, PDF, etc.). 

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