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Southwest Airlines has not had a single layoff in 44 years. That’s astonishing. What’s also astonishing is the number of people that want to work there. Last year, the company received 178,299 resumes. That didn’t happen by accident. It’s a testament to the power of culture. The company has created a powerful culture that attracts and holds employees. Often, customers who fly Southwest then want to work for them. Here is a quote from Gary Kelly, the CEO in a recent article in Chief Executive Magazine: “If you take great care of your people, they’re going to take care of the customers and that should take care of everything else.” Kelly further commented, “our mantra is, we hire for attitude and train for skill. Since our early days we seek people who don’t just have the skill, but also have the passion and the attitude to take care of each other and to take great care of our customers.”
Every company has a culture, and it’s often undervalued and under supported. We’ve found that when you identify the drivers of culture, you can isolate the good and bad elements and begin the process of weaving together the positive aspects into a fabric that becomes the basis of a company’s culture.  It’s a process that takes intent, time, resources and yes, money but when it successful, it’s the most powerful asset a company can have.  Just ask a Southwest employee.

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