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Re-imagining Employee Communications



There’s an insightful and interesting article in Sunday, November 15th edition of the New York Times on how IBM is taking a new approach to their business by hiring designers to complement their internal teams. The objective is to impact how IBM approaches a range of issues and to bring the company into alignment with today’s workforce, rather than trying to mold employees to its existing culture. It also helps the company shed its reputation as a stodgy organization by bringing in people with a different perspective. The broader message is that IBM is exploring new ways to create relationships with the marketplace and its employees.  It’s a process well worth observing.

From the communications perspective, statistically, over 50% of all internal communications are ignored. This statistic, among others should be viewed as a caution to companies that they are at risk for losing clients due to poor communications. On the bright side, it’s an opportunity explore new tools, channels and messaging that can strengthen the company’s relationships with clients and it’s most important asset, its employees. IBM’s effort to inject new ideas and approaches into its internal processes and communications is in our view, an important step in preparing the company to prosper in turbulent times, and one which we encourage our clients to engage with as well.

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