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10 Tips For Effective Internal Communications

Is your internal communications program effective? Here are ten tips to help ensure that your program is set up to succeed.

1. Identify your core challenges. Create a master plan, listing objectives, strategy, tools and tactics.

2. Schedule regular updates with all departments to ensure comprehensive coverage and support for the program across the organization.

3. Think like a marketer and treat your employees as consumers. Employees (aka consumers) have been trained by consumer media to expect engaging content and visuals. If you’re not sure of how to makes your content and visuals more engaging, consider asking your marketing team for feedback. Employee readership is not a given.

4. Take stock of your existing channels. Are they effective in reaching employees? Delete channels that are ignored and strengthen the channels employees choose to engage with. Toolkits can be effective because they offer multiple communications channels on one platform and content displays directly on the screen.

5. Use a one-question survey or rating at the bottom of your communications to ensure that your messages are effective. They can be a quick and effective way to measure engagement or sentiment.

6. Keep messages brief and focused. Employee attention spans are notoriously short, and distractions are all around. Consider using color codes to identify topics.

7. Lead with your most important information. Don’t assume that employees will read each communication fully.

8. Use different channels to keep messages fresh and engaging. Reach employees on the channels they prefer to use. Not everyone likes email or is at their computer all day. Text and message boards can be more effective for a mobile workforce. Many mobile platforms offer intranet alternatives that employees prefer.

9. Highlight your employees! Stories that highlight professional and personal achievements build readership. Employees also want to know that their company is giving back to their community so highlight corporate social programs as well.

10. Consolidate communications from different departments into one weekly newsletter, using short headlines, brief paragraphs and links to the full articles. It’s more efficient, increases readership and morale while providing a broader overview of the company.